Quantum Physics and Spirituality

The Age of Aquarius has presented mankind the new paradigm of the Guidelines of Quantum Physics.

These legal guidelines are a gift to us from the Grand Architect from the Universe, the Primary Mover, the Creator God.

They can be meant for all humanity, not only for a choose couple of, how Assume they may have the appropriate and privilege to find out the Universes Secrets and techniques.

The New Guidelines of Quantum Physics are definitely the Laws of Development. And whenever we, the normal persons, entirely recognize them We're going to recognize that there are no strategies in the Universe.

We are going to realize that there aren't any insider secrets to Actual physical atoms, protons, quanta or any on the theories to the Actual physical Universe. The Bodily Universe only exists as being a physical object because we exist to experience it.

What are we? Effectively we are not Actual physical beings, we're spiral energy beings. Being more specific, we've been Souls.

We 'blinked out' of just what the Laws of Quantum Physics phone the Quantum Ocean, which Actually may be the Mind of your Creator God.

You can find not secrets and techniques after you understand that there exists an infinite ocean of considering, clever Power called the Quantum Ocean, Brain of God.

This Brain of God, is definitely an infinite Soul. We live, move and have our getting inside of this infinite Soul.

We 'blinked out' right into a Actual physical truth, somebody incarnation for one purpose only, to working experience Actual physical Life. Whenever we 'blinked out' this Bodily actuality we encounter, 'blinked out' with us.

Just about every Soul 'blinks out' into It is own Bodily actuality. You will discover as lots of Actual physical realities from the planet as there are actually Souls in the world.

But if no Souls 'blinked out' then there would be no physical fact of any sort.

So 'physicalness' would not exist Unless of course You will find a Soul who can working experience and observe it.
Spiritual Quantum Physics is simply that. Only the time period Quantum refers back to the smallest unit of Spirituality, that is a person soul.

And someone Soul is just one fall during the infinite ocean called the Quantum Ocean. Spiritual Quantum Physics offers us a fresh paradigm for wellbeing.

It tells us that we are individual Souls who may have 'blinked out' on the Quantum Ocean, brain of God, to expertise "Life" over the physical, emotional, mental aircraft.

To do that, Every single Soul builds a physical, psychological and mental human body to work with to "Experience Lifetime."

Inside the Quantum Ocean, Head of Gd, there are actually an infinites amount of Divine blueprints that may be 'blinked out' to the Actual physical reality for being noticed and employed by individual Souls.

You'll find Divine Blueprints for planets, Galaxies, and even Universes. You can find Divine Blueprints for your Mineral Kingdom, the Plant Kingdom, along with the Animal Kingdom.

And there's a divine blueprint for person, inside the Divine Blueprint for person, are Divine blueprints for excellent Actual physical, psychological and psychological health.

The a single significant difference between the Kingdom of Guy and the opposite kingdoms, is jc h2 physics tuition always that we haver been offered cost-free will.

We, as personal Souls, have 'blinked in' and 'blinked out' of your Intellect of God persistently.

Every time we do, we convey back to the Quantum Ocean, with us, our encounters, aware and unconscious. We setup our Karma with which We're going to choose out to the Bodily earth with us upcoming time

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